Shopping....and other things

Jes and I went shopping today! Wow prices have gone up! not to mention that the older my son gets the more expensive he has become..not that I didn't know this was coming. I couldn't resist taking a picture of a cute Star Wars gift bag....almost looks like a poster...but it has
We had to buy a new Star for our Christmas tree. The one we had before kind of fell apart. I think this one is simple and cute for our multiple color, no type of theme, decorations. Just like our family, our decorations are kinda of all over the place. Decorations will be up this weekend.
I hate Shopping at Walmart, but when you have a super tight budget sometimes you have no choice. I do have to say that they had a huge variety of holiday cards. We finished up all our cards and mailed them out. 
I feel accomplished........cutting down a tree is next!

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