It takes more than just books.

I saw this book at the bookstore the other day and it truly intrigued me. I'm going to go back and buy it, but I have to say that it made me think. Why do we need so many friends on Facebook? How many of these so-called friends do we even see on a regular basis..or even at all? Facebook has become a huge part in many peoples lives. In fact most people use it to prove friendships..or end them. How many times have you heard someone say : That's it! I'm deleting them off my Facebook! Thus ending their friendship in real life also. It sounds silly, but this is where we are at. The internet and all it's major social networks have taken over our lives. I admit, I myself have over 300 friends, which only a handful of them actually care about my existence or if I had a good day. I originally opened a Facebook account to connect with friends in college and then found all my friends from high school...and then connected with co-workers. Yet sometimes I wish there were certain people we could delete, but that would just make work awkward, because how do you tell someone you think they are an asshole for all the derogatory posts without hurting their feelings? And if you delete them they get pissed. It's a catch 22. It amazes me how such a meaningless thing like Facebook could control so many lives. I myself Am done with it, I'm just a mom who works hard to support her children and provide a comfortable lifestyle for her family, I think from now on I'm just going to post quotes and ridiculous updates. No one reads them anyway. I don't think anyone reads these blogs either! lol I will continue to write. It is my passion....maybe someday I will even publish my book. Enough's a beautiful Sunday! I think I will fill my day with some reality!

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