Whenever my wife has a day off, we always make sure to have a date...even if it's just a breakfast or lunch date. I had an errand to run in Burlington and we happened to drive by a cupcake shop! I have never seen this cupcake shop, nor did I know this type of eatery existed in VT!
So this is where we had our date today!
It's so adorable inside too!
They have regular sized cupcakes and mini's that are tiny and sweet!
And for you Twilight fans.........
We all know that Breaking Dawn comes out tonight at midnight..and that is where your going to find me!! In line with all the other crazy fans tonight. It was such a fun a little date, and if you can't tell I am team Edward and my wife is Team Jacob. I have to admit that the team Jacob cupcake was delicious  But I am a die hard chocolate fan so my opinion is a little bias. :)
So if your ever in Burlington, VT, you should stop by and get a little cupcake love!
The girls that work there are great and the treats are sweet. Also check out their Facebook page!

Now it's nap time...since I'm going to be up til 4 in the morning! I'm so excited!

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