Breaking Dawn

So last night we waited in line for 2 and 1/2 hours. That is actually not bad since most people waited anywhere between 8 and 10 hours. I have to admit we did wear Breaking dawn gear...yes we are that dorky, but that's what you do when your fan :)
The movie was everything I hoped for. The director did an amazing job bringing the book to life. The ending of course left us at a point of where you want more!
During our wait in line they had trivia games with give a ways and I won a hat and key chain! I guess I had a one up considering I took Vampires in Literature in College (yes that's an actual course!) I'm glad they had entertainment while we waited! 
This movie definitely gives you some blood and scary wolf action. I was holding on to my seat one minute and trying not to throw up the next. I won't give anything away but I have to say that I don't recommend this movie for little ones. The love scenes are pretty intense. Over all we had an awesome night and can't wait for Part 2 to come out!

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