Breaking Dawn

It's Breaking Dawn eve!!!! Yay!! Tomorrow night we get to sit in line for like 3 hours, to see a movie we have been waiting to see, for a year! I can't wait! And looky what I have .....The invitation for the wedding!
Courtesy of Hot Topic :)

So I played at the mall today...sniffed around all the clearance racks....even went to a thrift store and made out with a couple goodies. Hello Kitty earrings...a little Panda Wallet (Hot Topic) a sweet corduroy jacket, that Kovu is laying on in the picture...he liked it too. It was a good day. If you click on the picture..poof! It's bigger.
This picture makes me drool!!!

This is an iPro Lens system and I am in love :) This tops my Christmas wish list and I think it's amazing. To learn more about this beautiful invention Click Here . I'm in love with my iPhone and this would make my life even more fantastic, especially when those special moments happen and I don't have my regular camera on me. If anyone out there has this system, I'd love to hear about it! 

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