Goodbye 2018 It's Been Swell

Monday, December 31, 2018

What a bittersweet year 2018 has been. I mostly looked like Stitch here when I wasn't smiling for a camera. I lost my job, but then found an even better one. We lost a great friend/squad member, but continued to grow some amazing friendships. My dog passed away, but Mary's dog has adopted me and always makes sure I'm okay. Mary's brother passed away, and Mary and her family are still mourning his genuine life. I trooped a lot, made people laugh and smile, and I was brave. I smiled through a lot of tears, and have been spending a lot of time healing from past trauma.
I'm really hoping that 2019 will be a little more gentle.

I used Snapchat a lot, and Instagram story. I love filters and the cat ears are my favorite! I'm still on Facebook, but it's hard to keep up with people especially because of the dumb algorithm. I even jump on my old Tumblr from time to time and Twitter always seems to be a good old faithful place to see what’s happening in the world. All other new social media platforms seem to come and go. 

Anyway, here are some of my favorite pictures from this year. I have so many that I love that it was hard to not post 100 pictures on this post! So I tried to narrow it down. Some are professional, most are just cell phone pics. I'm more into making memories these days then trying to be a super model. 

My 37th Birthday dinner.
Dinner after celebrating the life of Mike King. This crazy bunch misses you so much Mike. Jonah selfie.
My son turned 18 and my daughter turned 16 in 2018. They are my world.
Kylo ren and Rose at a baseball game. Photo Courtesy of Hayes.
Even the bad droids can be good when you reprogram them.
Boston Comic Con-Colleen as Wicket and Jen as Rey.
Fireworks after the Lakemonster's game in Burlington, VT. I think Hayes took this one too.
Does this really need a caption? The bottom two poses were on accident. The top was on purpose. LOL
Ashley and Hayes got hitched. Photo cred to Catching Fireflies Photography.
Me and my favorite Wookie. Via: Benn Robbins Studios

Herbert made a little friend.
At a bar somewhere in Maine for Ashley's Bachelorette weekend. she danced on stage that night.
Via: Katie F's Phone
Halloween at The Eco Leahy Center
NEG Garrison's Crazy Asians, I think Benn took this with his phone. LOL
Bring your Porg to work day. AKA Halloween.
Via Katie's Phone again. *wink* Halloween night when we scared the shit out of people on Chruch Street.
Ashley and I from our road trip to Buffalo, NY.
Instagram Selfie
Snapchat Selfie
My daughter took this one while we were shopping!

Forgive me if I don't give you proper photo cred. Just shoot me an email and I will add you.
Let's see what 2019 has to offer.

Happy New Year!



Tuesday, December 18, 2018

If you're a regular here on Eeka Cupcake you would know that I do a little post called Currently. In fact a lot of bloggers do. Feel free to copy my currently topics and do your own! I actually love going back and seeing my old currently posts just to see how much I have grown or changed since then. You can also visit a couple of my posts here: Currently and Currently . It's one of my favorite posts to do and I hope to do a lot more in 2019.

Current Hair: Natural w/Blonde Ombre
My hair is actually my natural color that fades into a blonde ombre. I did a poll on Instagram to see what color ombre my followers liked better and it was kind of close, but more people voted for pink! I love having pink hair so I will be coloring my ends pink again. I will most likely dye the top portion black again too.

Current Mood: Over-it
It's Christmas season and I can't help but feel over a lot of things. I try really hard to get through Christmas with a smile on my face, but Christmas for me is filled with more sad memories then happy ones. Last Christmas my ex-mother-in-law ruined Christmas for my kids so much so that this year my daughter said that Christmas is just sad. Trust me I try really hard to make it great for my little family, but if you think about it, a lot of people have turned this holiday into something it isn't. I'm hoping this year's celebrations will be better. I've cut a lot of toxic people out of my life so it should be good. Fingers crossed!

Current Procrastination: Submitting My Poetry To Publishers
I received my first real rejection! How exciting right? Though it has caused me to procrastinate on submitting to other publishers it's kind of exciting to hear back from a publisher. I know that as an author we live in a world of rejection and criticism, but it still gets to you a little, ya know? Don't worry I haven't given up. I will hop back on the horse and ride it into the sunset. Wish me luck!

Current Movie: Anxiously Waiting For Aquaman
Anyone else ready to see Jason Mamoa soaking wet? I know I am! I don't think I've ever been this excited for Aquaman ever. He is very different in the comic books for sure! I love me some Mamoa. I got to do a photo op with him at Boston Comic con this year and he held me in those big beautiful arms! I hate how I look in this picture, I wasn't ready and they just took it and rushed us out, but for one minute I got to be near him. Geez that sounds very stalker-ish. Ha!

Current Fandom(s): Star Wars/Harry Potter/Disney Princesses
I think I will always be all about these 3 fandoms. I really want to start some other projects that aren't Star Wars related. Or maybe even do a crossover? I know I'm going to work on a casual Mulan, but I also want to do a Belle cosplay. Not the big ballroom one, but the blue dress that she wears in the village. I'm currently working on a Princess Leia and one of my friends is building an R2-D2. I would love to have these completed around the same time!

Current Book: 300 Writing Prompts
This book is awesome! I was innocently walking around Target minding my own business and there was this gem sitting on a shelf. I look at a few pages and fell in love. I love random writing prompts and it helps so much with writing block. I carry this little book with me everywhere. It lives in my star wars back pack. I use it a lot at work in between calls and when it's slow. I also love that I have to write in by hand. I know we live in a digital age, but there is nothing like good ole fashion pen to paper. It's so satisfying!

Current Obsession: Trader Joe's Snacks
I have been a Trader Joe's patron for the last 15 years. I fell in love back when I lived in Laguna and shopped at the one in Laguna Hills, CA. When they opened a store here in VT I finally felt complete, not to mention we finally got a Target too! Anyway, Trader Joe's has some of the yummiest snacks and gluten free items on this little planet! I can always stop in and grab some GF cupcakes or cookies and I'm never disappointed. Somehow I also save a lot of money shopping there. I pay half as much as I would if I were to shop at Shaw's. Plus the atmosphere is always pretty awesome. The people who work there really seem to enjoy it there.

Current Truth: Nothing is Permanent
Maybe love is? I like to hold on to the mysterious notion that maybe love would survive, but nothing is permanent. I have been surrounded by a lot of death in past couple years where it has me questioning my own mortality and the ideas of death. I try really hard to live my best life even with all the challenges I face, but losing a loved one is always hard regardless. Feelings are permanent, suffering is not permanent, people aren't permanent. I know it sounds bleak but these are also some of the very basic teachings of Buddhism too. I've decided that I need to get back into my practice because it has been awhile and I feel like this is a topic I really need to meditate on.

Current Love: Sleep
Lets hear it for naptime! Hooray! I never get to take naps anymore. Booooo. I went and got a dumb grown-up job that doesn't have a naptime. Though when I'm home I love taking naps. I also love sleeping. I have some pretty amazing dreams that are lucid. It feels like I live two separate lives. If you even get a chance to try lucid dreaming I highly recommend it. I mean who wouldn't want to control their dreams? Especially when you can make anything happen.

Currently Looking Forward to: Road Trip To Kentucky/Holiday Party With My Squad
We leave tonight to head down to Kentucky! This snuck up on me very fast. I'm not even packed yet, which means tonight I will be panic packing. We have to take My partner's little Mirage which is pretty small but amazing on gas! The teenagers might be a bit cramped in the back. In fact my son is so tall that he will probably sit in the front seat. Believe it or not it gives us some great bonding time.  Being all smooshed together for 18 hours can be family magic, at least for us! Ha!

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season! Stay warm and safe out there if you are traveling to see friends and family. Eat, drink, and be merry! And do not talk politics, trust me.


Lost In Drafts - I Love My Cats

Thursday, December 13, 2018

I was scrolling through my old posts and found that I have quite a few posts sitting in draft mode. I've been feeling pretty nostalgic lately so I think until I have them all updated I will start a series called Lost in Drafts.

This post was started back when we first moved back to Vermont from New Jersey in 2015. I edited it a little bit, and tried not to cry when I got to the bottom where there is the cutest picture of my late beautiful Petunia (who passed away this last summer) cuddled up with Cupcake. These two use to cuddle all the time. This was also written during a time when I had 5 cats. When I was going through my divorce Leaf and Doc went to Ohio to live with my ex, so I no longer have them...

I Love My Cats
As you know, or don't know, I have 5 cats. Yes you read that right, five fur balls of love. It's been a while since I last posted about my cat love and I'd love to show you all how everyone has been getting along since Leaf and Doc have joined our family.
Hanging out in the windows is everyone's favorite...all day! 
Raja is the baby and loves water! She loves getting in the shower with you too.
Doc loves hanging out with my daughter on her bunk bed.
Here is Mr. Kovu looking handsome even in an unmade bed.

Our furry family is like any family. Different personalities all wanting to be loved. These guys all hang out, play together, and eat together too. Leaf loves to bathe everyone! He has even tried to bathe Petunia. Cupcake is the only one who sleeps with Petunia.  
Petunia is the one who is always protecting her pack of 5 cats. I think it's really sweet. Cupcake is curled up with her here. Petunia has raised her since she was a kitten and I'm pretty sure she thinks she is her mommy.
Having a lot of fur babies is hard work but I think the only complaints I have are cat litter and 3am play time. it's very common to hear something falling and crashing! For the cats we 3 huge litter boxes that we scoop twice a day. Oh! I also forgot about the hair...soooooo much hair!

Casual Rose Day

Sunday, December 2, 2018

After seeing all these Disney Princesses and their casual outfits I thought I would do a casual Rose Tico. I was suppose to go troop a Make-A-Wish event today, but I wasn't able to make it due to the weather in Vermont on Hoth. I already had my wig on and ready to go and I didn't want to waste an opportunity for  pictures. so I threw together this outfit. I'm wearing a t-shirt that says: Crait - Salty Place, Sweet Escape. I think it's pretty spectacular. I also have on a my favorite porg necklace.

After running around outside like a weirdo in freezing rain, I came in for lunch. I had left over hibachi salmon. Could I be more stereotypical?  What can I say though? I just really love fish and rice and it was so delicious! 

Oh! Before I forget, I also got an Ewok Onesie! I ordered it two months ago and I thought the maker was never going to send it and it finally arrived this morning! Can you tell I'm excited?
I told everyone I was just going to wear this for the rest of winter. No one thought this was a good idea. Adults should be allowed to wear onesies whenever they want. Kids shouldn't be the only ones allowed to have fun, or be comfortable. Oh well. 


Snow Day

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Wow did it snow a lot today! It was impossible to get out of my driveway. My daughter saw all the snow and insisted that we go outside and take pictures. I wasn’t feeling well today, but it felt really good to go outside and get some fresh air. This type of snow is my favorite! It’s fluffy and easily molded into snow balls. Unfortunately it is not fun to drive in. We have had two big snowstorms already and it’s not even December yet!
Excuse my pink-ness in all the pictures. I took a super hot shower right before we went outside. Drastic temperature changes always make me pink! Anyway, doesn’t it look like a winter wonderland!? Well it pretty much is. I live in a snow globe. I know I look crazy without gloves or a jacket, but when you acclimate to cold weather you get used to it. It’s in the 30’s and that isn’t too bad. It’s perfect out to play in the snow.
I don’t know why, but I’m in total denial that November is almost over and Christmas is right around the corner. I’m not ready. I did participate in Black Friday shopping for the first time in years. It wasn’t too bad, but man, the lines were pretty long! I did get good deals though. I also survived Thanksgiving! It was because we didn’t go anywhere and it was just me, Mary, and the kids. No huge family gathering filled with drama. It was really nice. We also did a Friends-giving with some of our close friends. That was a lot of fun too! After we ate we played video games, how perfect is that?
For those of you out there who live in an area filled with snow I hope you're building snowmen (and women *insert wink emoji*). If you live where it's warm I'm kind of jealous, but I really love having four seasons than sweating my butt off all year long.
xoxo, Eeka

2018 At A Glance

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Photo by Katie "The Unicorn" Foster

What a year it has been! I didn't blog as much as I was hoping too, but hey, I did change the name of my blog (insert shrug emoji). Anyone else feel like texting has ruined their grammar skills? Anyway, some pirate stole my old blog domain and apparently I can never get it back so I decided to just change the name of my blog to my screen name that I use on everything. I barely have to re-brand, not that blogging is a huge part of my life anymore. Though I do have to say it's absolutely amazing to see other bloggers who I have known since 2010 have grown as entrepreneurs and have moved on to be professional photographers, models, and business owners! Not me though. I did jump on the wedding photography bandwagon for awhile, but fell off about 5 years into it. It's just not for me. I did my last wedding this year. As much as I love photography I don't want it to be my job. I love it way too much. Unless I can get paid to be a nature photographer. Then I wouldn't mind doing that for a living.  Wedding and portrait photography are not my thing.

This year a lot of change and loss has passed through my life. I am sure it is one of the many reasons why I love so fiercely. I know it has been said time and again, but we really don't know how much time we will have among the living. My friend Mike passed away early in the year, and then my beautiful Petunia passed early in the summer. Shortly after we lost Mary's brother suddenly in his sleep. He passed right before his 46th birthday and right before I was suppose to meet him.

 Speaking of Mary, she is still here. Ha! We have been together for 3 years now and she hasn't left us yet. I know that might sound like a strange statement,  but I don't have the best of luck in relationships. Friendships I am great at! Partners on the other hand are a whole different ballgame. I'm a handful, and then add in my exuberant teenagers and fur babies, and you have quite the circus. Not a combination that the weak can handle. I feel that she has fared very well. She needs a medal.
Especially when we all fell apart after losing our family dog.

 Aside from many hardships this year there were a lot of incredibly fun times and new adventures that were had. I was even able to read a book and finish it this year. I know that doesn't seem like a huge accomplishment but for me it is. I know a lot people who can read books so fast that I'm not sure they even know what they read.  I like to get into the story and absorb each character fully. I also have dyslexia which can make reading/writing a challenge, regardless I don't let it stop me. Plus I have a super busy life and it can be quite the achievement when finishing a book. The story was about time travel, which I love, so it was able to hold my attention.

Also my super cute friends got married!
Via: Chasing Fireflies Photography

Mary and I were both bridesmaids and it was such a blast! We met these two love birds through our Star Wars costuming group (501st Legion) and we just clicked. In fact the whole wedding party is our our small tribe. I love these people so much! It's nice to have found friends that are awesome people in so many aspects. Not to mention extremely talented! I'm so blessed to have them in my life.

My friend Quinten as Kylo Ren at the Lake Monsters game in Burlington, VT.

Cosplay played a huge part in my life this year. Being a character that shows my face, and that has been faced with a lot of criticism, made me a little nervous at first. Fortunate for me I love criticism and I'm not scared of anyone who does not share the same beliefs as I do. In fact some of the most meaningful conversations I have ever had have been with people with different beliefs and political views. Living my life as a gay Asian woman (who is also a mother) has never been easy. I have had to face a lot of discrimination for many reasons, but discrimination will never stop me from portraying a character in a fandom that I love. I love Rose Tico. When I first saw The Last Jedi the little girl in me was filled with so much joy! When I saw what some of the so-called-fans wrote about her made me sick. Not to mention how they cyber bullied the star who played her. It didn't stop me from finishing this costume, in fact it may have fueled my fire. I wore it to troops and braved the see of fellow nerds at Boston Comic Con and some smaller cons. I received nothing but compliments and it was amazing. I have plenty to say if I am ever confronted by negativity but it has been nice to not have to say anything. Seeing the smiles on the face of every little girl I meet is priceless, especially when it's their mother who is more excited then they are.

Quote by F.Scott Fitzgerald
I have done a lot of writing this year. I'll never stop writing, even if my dream of becoming a well known author never comes true. I finished another collection of poetry that I have been submitting to publishers. I have also been trucking along on that book I constantly mention that I'm constantly writing. I hope that since it has taken me about 4 years to finish said book that it is going to be good. It could also possibly be a flop. Either way I will publish it, even if I have to self publish. Other than that I am also finishing up my memoir and a diary-style short story. You can say I've been a busy little bee; hence why I have put blogging on the back burner. 

This year has been so crazy that I could write a book that too...oh wait! I am. I will really have to get my editors special gift baskets when the time comes. They are going to have their hands full for sure.

Anyway, the year isn't over yet and the holidays are right around the corner. I'm hoping to get a few more posts up that will cover Thanksgiving and Christmas. 'Cause if it isn't posted on the internet or social media, did it really happen?