Life Changes

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Since my last post, from the summer, I went on a hiatus. There were a lot of changes that happened in 2015. I moved back to Vermont, I changed careers.....and I got divorced. I know on social media that my marriage looked cute on the outside, but only my close friends knew what I was going through. There were lies, infidelity, and emotional abuse, just to name a few issues . Marriage isn't easy,but at some point you have to ask yourself: is this healthy?  A pivotal   
 moment occurred, and I said enough was enough.  The frustrating part was that she left in a blink of an eye to another state, and left me with all the bills, promising to help until the divorce as final, but never helped. That didn't really surprise me.

Fast Forward....

As I was going through all the emotional ups and downs with Jes, my friend Mary, who I have known for a few years, was going through a breakup also.We bonded over food and movies, and our friendship caught on fire. I never realized how much you could have in common with one person. I have been traumatized from my last relationship, and she has been there for me every step of the way. Our relationship is amazing, so much love and respect. Of course we are trying to take it as slow as possible, since we both came out of awful relationships,but have you ever been with someone where you thought : Why couldn't we have met sooner?

2016 feels like its going to be a good year. We moved to bigger apartment and Mary moved in. She's never been around wish her luck! Random: I forgot to do a birthday post,but I turned 35! Yikes! And my son just turned 16! The time is just flying by...xoxo

7 Reasons Why I Miss My BFF

          So let me start here with a little back story. I met my best friend Jamie in the summer of 1989.
We played video games, went swimming, and ate all the junk food we wanted! We knew each others secrets, and we always had each others' backs no matter what. I was 1 year ahead of Jamie in school, but that never affected our friendship. We survived elementary, middle school, and most of high school together. To this day we still talk about all the crazy shenanigans we got into...well I actually always made her my accomplice, ha ha. We have gone through everything together. Even today we call each other up regularly to see how life has been treating us. The weird part about our friendship is that you would think we would have ended up living right next door to each other,but we live on opposite sides of the country,over 3,000 miles away from each other. This makes it very difficult to visit each other.I can't even begin to tell you how much I miss her,but here re the top 7 reasons why.

1. Crying with Ice Cream and a Bottle of Jack...

Life isn't easy,in fact it can really sucks. Being a grown up is probably the worst idea I ever had! When Jamie lived closer, I would either walk, or hop in my car and find her. We would forget the world when I felt like it was crashing down on me. She was, and still is, the one person who could talk some sense into me when I'm feeling down. I miss being able to grab some food and drinks, and talk about how awesome we are,and how everyone else sucks.

2. Having a place to run to...

Most people probably run home when life is attacking them. My first instinct is my best friend. When that flight mode kicks in, she's the first place I go, well now she is the first person I call,ha ha. I'd have to book a flight to see her. So if I try to run to my nearest book store or coffee shop if I need to get away.

3. Someone to Gossip With

Let's face it, we all gossip, and who better with than your BFF? I probably miss this the most. When you gossip with your BFF it's different. You can sound as rude and shallow as you want, and they will never judge you. Well I know Jamie doesn't. I know this sounds horrible, but it's true. Yes we can gossip over the phone,but we really don't know the same people anymore.

4. Sharing Relationship Issues

We do this over the,but it's not the same. Going out for coffee would be better. Or when there is a crisis, being there to give the other a hug is priceless. Marriage and relationships are hard,we need each other to make it through alive.    

5. Watching Our Kids Grow Up

Jamie was at the hospital when my son was born (16 yrs ago!) and I saw her in Las Vegas when she was pregnant (6 yrs ago!) but we really haven't been around each others' kids. It's really weird. When I was younger I imagined we would be there to watch them grow up together. Distance took that one away from us.  

6. Sharing Everything

From clothes to deodorant, we shared everything! Seriously, we're like sisters. 

7. Just Showing up

We could just show up at each others houses or jobs, and even schools. She is the one person that is allowed to show up unannounced and stay for like a month, no questions asked. I know she would do the same for me.

I hope all of you have someone in your life like this. My BFF may be thousands of miles away from me,but I miss her everyday, and I'm thankful to have someone like her in my life. 

Eeka & Jamie Best Friends Forever <3