Cupcake Love - Nutella Cupcakes

Saturday, June 28, 2014

These cupcakes were super easy to make. I made them for my daughters 6th grade graduation. I literally just bought vanilla cake mix and added a dollop of nutella into each cupcake. My cupcakes ended up a little more colorful than I anticipated though because I ran out of the jimmies! So I improvised with crystal sprinkles. I got hurt really bad at work and I've been stationary at home, so there wasn't any running back and forth to the store for me, but I'm so happy that everyone loved them! I piped the "2014" chocolate decorations. I made little hearts too, but they melted too quick, so we ate them!

 And there she is! She is so sun burnt in this picture! Luckily I had my mother-in-law and wife running around taking pictures for me, since I can't walk. I can't wait til I can walk normally again.

I also had to share this portrait of my daughter and her 2 best friends. Isn't it the cutest!!! My wife's cousins girlfriend drew this and I'm so in love with it!!
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Around My Yard

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

If you would have seen my front yard during the first weeks of spring, you would have never thought it was going to grow as lush and pretty that it is now. We had it nicely weeded but we have to go at it again. I don't think we put enough mulch down. My little gnome is bleached! He use to be colorful. Maybe I'll re-paint him someday.

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Cupcake Love

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Via: dress my cupcake
Via: thec10com
via: Eat Yummy Stuff
It's been a long time since I blogged about cupcakes.....and I've missed it! I did change the name of this series. I feel it fits better! Anyway, aren't these the best? Since summer officially began the other day I thought it was appropriate to blog about summer cupcakes. These cupcakes have a beach theme. Beach theme cupcakes are so cute! I think the crab cupcakes are very creative, but the surfboard cupcakes are my favorite. I hope I have some extra time this summer to get some baking in.
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Outfit Diary - New Hair!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kitty cameo!
That rouge long piece was out of place!

Outfit Details:
Dress - Target
Belt - Thrifted
Necklace - Flea Market
Jacket - Kohl's
Sandals - Walmart
Glasses - c/o Firmoo

I obviously need a tan! Can you believe I cut all my hair off!! I cut about 7 inches off. I couldn't donate it though, it was really damaged from all the bleaching. I now have a should length a-line cut with bangs. I have them swept to the side here. I think I like my bangs better swept to the side, for now. The dress I'm wearing is one of my favorites! It's so soft and stretchy, it feels like pajamas. I actually bought it on a lunch break at work. We have a Target right next to my job (which is dangerous!) I literally can't leave a Target without a dress! I love their clothes so much! The Walmart sandals were an accident too, ha ha. I think I went to buy printer ink and walked by them. They were only $12! How could I not get them for that price?!
Anyway, I feel like 10 pounds was lifted off my shoulders when I cut my hair, and being the social media lover that I am, of course I was inspired by Pinterest. Btw, my hair isn't naturally curly. I blow dry with a round brush, then I use a curling wand. Hopefully I can find some time to do a how-to post on this hair style.
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Fernbrook Farm - Photo Dump

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Last Tuesday we went up to the Fernbrook Farm to pick up our part of a farm share that we are involved in. To find out more about it you can read more here : Fernbrook CSA Basically you pay a share and you can go and get fresh food and vegetables, including herbs, fresh farm eggs, bread and all sorts of goodies! They even sell sell Vermont Maple Syrup! I was so excited to see that, because I miss Vermont terribly. Anyway, I was glad that I was able to bring my camera and take some pictures.

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