A Little Spoiled....

For the next month I will be in training for my new job (if I haven't mentioned that yet, I've been recently employed by a major cellular company). I get to spend 2 and 1/2 weeks in a comfy hotel with a king size bed! I also get all my food paid for. The down side is being so far away from my wife and kids. I get to be spoiled up here though, while I sit through lots of training. What I didn't show in the pictures was my big flat screen TV and huge closet! They could have easily fit a kitchenette in here because this room is ginormous! I'm staying a little outside New York City, and that's pretty exciting. This hotel is filled with business people, which is funny, because I'm use to staying in hotels with tourists. There's a huge difference in the atmosphere and its really quiet here, which is nice.

but that's it for now....have a great day!
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  1. Congrats with the job! :D Even though you are being trained there, it's like a vacation!! xD

  2. work can be luxurious too, huh. Looks great! live it up :)

  3. That hotel looks wonderful! Love it! :)



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