The Jersey Shore

Growing up I was a beach baby, and when I had my kids we spent as much time at the beach as we could. I need to be near the water, and when we lived in Vermont it killed me to be away from the ocean. I was hoping to find some sea glass or strange things, but there was nothing. The beach was so clean! The dunes are super high now, and it was very quiet. I've always loved going to the beach before the tourist rush. This was Petunia's first visit to the beach and she loved it! Well, except for the waves, she wasn't sure what to think of them, and when they would crash down it kind of scared her. That last picture of her is just priceless!

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  1. Aww Petunia looks like she's having a great time! I live at the Jersey shore too, near Belmar :)

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  2. beautiful! Thanks for posting this! I always love a little taste of home & it makes me miss it so much! ;)

  3. Here in Melbourne Australia it is freezing and cold with rain. Looking at these photos really cheered me up. Beautiful.

  4. Wow! I miss going to beach. great photos!

  5. every thing looks so peaceful. nice photos


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