Outfit Diary

Have you ever ordered clothes online, and when they arrived they were nothing like their description? Well this dress was just that. I'm the type of girl who likes to shop and try on clothes, but I also don't mind buying clothes online either. Out of all the dresses I've ordered, they have all been exactly what they look like. When I saw this dress, I had to have it! I bought it, waited and when it finally arrived I was ore than thrilled! Then I tried it on. (Que sad violin music!) It was way too small! So I tucked it away in my (when I lose weight) drawer....well it's been way over due (and 20 pounds less later) I tried it back on. It fits! Unfortunately it fits like a baby doll dress, which is fine, as long as no one notices...haha. So here is my version of this cute cat dress. 

Also! Here is the winner of the Caked Designs Giveaway : Rossy From Me,Myself and I Congrats!!! We will be contacting you soon!

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  1. ugh, that's why I don't shop online :/
    Regardless though, you look great in it! (and congrats on the 20#!)

  2. Always a risk shopping online. Though most of the time it works out pretty well for me, thankfully:)

    Anyway, it looks lovely on you now. And may I just say that I absolutely adore those shoes and tights together?!


  3. uggg. buying clothes online is HARD! I make sure to compare measurements and read reviews and still about half the time things don't fit like I expected.

  4. I die.

    That is the cutest freaking outfit ever!!! I like stuff with kitties on it but everyone tells me no.

  5. Wow! You really look great with your outfit. So nice! Thanks for sharing your photos. You’re beautiful!


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