Cupcake Recap- Made by Me In 2012

    Dec. 27, 2012
Nacho Cupcakes made for the Super Bowl party.

Cupcakes baked in silicone wrappers
Minion Cupcakes made for of my favorite movies!

 Super yummy Oreo Cupcakes !

Chocolate dipped vanilla cupcakes with white chocolate spider webs!

This year was a good year for cupcakes! I'm so proud of these top five. I put a lot of love in all my baking, but I especially love all my cupcakes. There are quite a few that didn't end up on my blog, for one reason or another, but I still plan on baking a lot in 2013. I have lots of ideas swimming around in head for upcoming cupcakes. I've also learned a lot of different frosting techniques. My kids also bought me a cake-pop maker for Christmas and I really  can't wait to use it. My daughter also got a bunch of cake mixes for her easy bake oven, and I can't wait to see her little mother like daughter :)

Anyway, so many cupcake ideas so little time! On my New Year's resolution list is to bake more...what about you? I will definitely look around the blogosphere for some fun ideas too!



  1. Amazing cupcakes! The Minion ones are so adorable x

  2. Those nacho cupcakes are insanely awesome!!!! So clever!

  3. such an adorable collection. :)
    You're a perfectionalist!
    They all look awesome!

    Take Care :)

  4. Your bakings are quite impressive! And love the resolution too. I was baking a candy house 2 days ago. Can definitely recommend that too ;)

  5. Your cupcakes are brilliantly creative! My children would love if I could whip up something as clever as your creations. Gladly following you now. All the best - Monica


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