Cupcake Sunday

Oh cupcake addiction, how you keep me I love cupcakes! 
So, as your reading this, we will driving to New Jersey. I can't believe that we're finally on our way! 
Anyway, today's collection is another vintage inspired one. I was going to look up more cupcake tattoos, but once you've seen one, you've pretty much have seem them all. I think I'm going to get a squirrel holding a cupcake tattooed on fits. I hope you enjoy the sweet tooth inspiration!

Via: LushLee

Via: appetite


  1. Your posts are always appetizing! :D

  2. Cupcakes are pretty much my favorite sweet and an almost-daily snack for me. I just love them. It doesn't hurt that they're pretty, too. :) Your tattoo sounds adorable! My friends and hubby always tell me to get a cupcake tattoo but I can't think of anything original since I've seen lots of cute cupcake tatties. Yours is really darn original though! I need to think up something random...hmm :)
    I saw that y'all made it safely. I'm glad!

  3. I can't wait to get more tats, and a cupcake is totally going to be one. It's funny that we ended up getting to Jersey way before we planned! I'm excited to get everything unpacked!

  4. Everytime I do these posts I'm always craving cupcakes!


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