Do you play?

Okay, so if you have an iPhone or android, or some type of smart phone you know there are more games to chose from! I was over at Adventures in Mediocrity and found that she is linking up with games! How fun!
You've gotta have something to do in between everything else...or in public So here are my favorite games:


and here's a sample of my latest work: 

I know...I'm an! My username is EekaSpigel feel free to play with me :)
I also play Hanging with friends...and that's it for now. I'm always looking for new games so let me know if I'm missing out on something fun!


  1. You're a way better artist than me!!! :-)

    Thanks for "playing"!

  2. You are good! It sucks when you play with people that can't draw and it turns into a game of asking everyone 'wtf is this?!'


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