I have so many things planned this week, and hopefully I can get to them all. I wish the weather would cooperate a little more though. It's rainy and cold here, which makes me feel like doing nothing! I hope every one had a good weekend, my was pretty laid back. That was nice. I've really got to get back into baking again. I miss it so much! I love doing my Cupcake Sunday posts, but I would much rather be sharing my own work. Hopefully this weekend I can do that! Anyway I hope you all have a fabulous Monday!


  1. I love that note! It's my day!!! :D It's raining and cold my day though :(
    I wanna get some soup when I get home after work today!
    It's rainy and cold there too??? Strange!!!!
    Happy my day, Eeka!
    ps, did you change your name to Eeka?

  2. Eeka is just short for Erica :) Its my family nickname...I guess it's a Filipino thing.... But I prefer Eeka over Erica :)


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