Weekend Fun

 That picture above was taken before sunset and I love it, that little white thing is the moon :) 

So this weekend (which isn't over yet, I have today off too!) we drove around and ended up stopping at a cute little second hand store in town. I've been there a couple times but it was Jes's first visit. I can never leave without buying something. They have a lot of vintage and fun nick knacks. I think it was once a mechanics shop that they painted. It's my favorite place to shop right now. The shop owner is really sweet too. I told her I would love to own a little shop like this and she said it was her dream and she basically woke up one day and was tired of working for someone who didn't appreciate her. So she made her dream a reality.

 That's Jes in the section where all the crafty stuff is...she picked out a couple doily's 
 Of course I found a Hello Kitty, and yes she went home with me. She was too cute to pass up and she was only $2 in the Sanrio world that's a steal! I bought post cards, recipe box, greeting cards, some cute wedges and a cozy sweater. But I'll share those later. The most expensive buy was Hello Kitty :)

They don't have a huge clothing selection but you can find some pretty cute things.

We stopped in this spot to maybe take some outfit post pictures but it was still too cold for my photographer (Jes) But lake is finally unfrozen! Its a green algae color, but once it flows through for awhile it will be really pretty again. There are so many pretty spots to relax and enjoy what Vermont has to offer. Your allowed to go fishing in this spot and a little ways down there is a huge waterfall. I can't wait til everything melts to capture  more beautiful shots. This was a little tid bit of our weekend. Now I'm off to organizing my daughters room. Wish me luck!

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Have a great day everyone!


  1. I love thrift shopping! half of my closet is full of shirts I got at a second hand store! found you through blog hop. looking fwd to your posts :)


  2. Hi! Your blog is amazing! Found it through the hop! <3 xxx

  3. Found your blog through the blog hop and am now following - just wanted to say hi! :) Gem x

  4. That first pics is beautiful! Seeing the moon during the day is practically magical. Sounds like you had an awesome haul from that thrift store :) Love places where the most expensive item is $2.

    1. Exactly! We left with lots of goodies and didn't go over $20!!

      and I try to take my camera everywhere just in case I see something like that moon. :) I hate missing a beautiful shot!

  5. LOVE that Hello Kitty! =)
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  6. Thanks ladies! I love blog hopping :)

  7. That's it. I'm going to thrift shopping this weekend too!!
    I love your hello kitty!!

  8. Found you via the blog hop!! Love this post, the last picture is so gorgeous.
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  12. Love your thrift store finds! Hello Kitty for 2 bucks IS a steal! And I love doilies... is Jes going to craft something up with those? :)


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