Vlog: 30 Days Of Truths

I decided I'm also going to concentrate on each question and write it down. Like everything else I do, I have a tendency to jump right in. Plus knowing my answers a head of time will help with the length and the umm's...lol

So here is where I found it: The Curious Pug,  in case you wanted to try it too. It's not as easy as it sounds.

*Make sure you watch it all the way through...I added my bloopers :)

*next time I promise it will be shorter, my wife watched it and said it was too freakin long!... apparently  9 minutes is too long, but she's probably right :)

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  1. haha...I'm commenting my own post...My vlog was kinda long...which will not happen agian. I had A LOT of views...yet no one has said anything...which makes me very nervouis it really that bad? Leave me some feed back (except about it being long..I know that)


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