Monday Blues

Monday Blues
There's quite a few things I fell in love with while wandering around the internet. One of them is this cute little pillow I found. I love owls and this little guy is too cute!
I adore this sweater too. It would go great with some of my skirts.
This cute little deer would look awesome on my desk next to my little Hello Kitty.
And how cute is this apron! It's so cute that I would hate to bake in it! but I would love to own it ;)

I can't believe the weekend came and went so fast. Well it was fast for me. I did get a lot done. I finally finished up our room and it is now livable. It was before but we had totes still in there from the move. Everything is melting really fast and you can tell spring is here. I had a feeling the weather people were wrong about 6 more weeks of winter. Our days will be warm and sunny all week...I'm excited! How's the weather where you are?

Have a great Monday! 


  1. Pa weather is beautiful! Lucky for me because I was on my way on the next flight out to FL! lol
    LOVE the blue owl. How cute is that!!!! :-)
    Good findings girlie

    1. You live in PA??? were not that far from eachother :)


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