Duct Tape Bracelet

*I know the big food scissors look scary, but she is a pro...but I recommend safety scissors for little ones (we couldn't find ours)

Right  now we have so many items made out of duct...we don't know what to do with them, probably because this is one of the easiest DIY ever! Sorry I didn't take a closer picture of the finished bracelet, but some one grew rather impatient with all the picture taking. My daughter didn't realize you had to pause and re-take if a shot doesn't come out right. Over all she did really well. She is also making barbie clothes and hats too :) I was expecting to come home today to see my son mummified in duct tape...but he was spared.

I hope you enjoyed this!


  1. That is lovely:) And I love all the fun duct tapes you guys have there. Here I was once lucky enough to find a tiny roll of neon green and one of neon pink, but that's it really. I only ever see silver, though I have to admit I always quite like that too;)

  2. There are so many colors and patterns now :)

  3. How fun! So glad you ended up doing this with Justice! She is a very creative gal!

    xo Jessa

  4. That's so cute! I love how determined she looks in Step 1. Showing that tape who's boss! Has she made a wallet/purse yet?
    Isn't it funny the way people react when they realize how time consuming it is to blog? My one of my sisters just had that epiphany lol

    1. She has made a wallet :) Blogging s a full-time gig!


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