Thrift Swap

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So lately I discovered a website called I was a little hesitant at first to join, 1. because the website seemed a little cheesy and 2. I thought really? and it's free? So I gave it a try. I joined my first swap (which wasn't easy, since I was a "newbie") it was a Thrift swap. They have a grading scale and they will also tag you as a "flaker" if you do not go through with your swap. I was very pleased when I received my package! Everything was wrapped in cute vintage wrapping paper, which I loved! I couldn't keep it though because we were in the middle of moving. My partner in the swap was KristinaLynn and she has all high ratings. She is awesome. She also enclosed a card which was really cute too. Anyway here are some pictures of the items:

So I had to take all these pictures with my iPhone, and between the light bulbs in my house and trying not to have shadows, the color is off. That blue sash under the stickers is what is tied in a bow, in my hair. Please excuse the grainy-ness too :)

I had a bracelet like this when I was in High School, but it was black. Geez, High School was 13 years ago! Anyway I am in love with that little kitty pencil holder and also the cute handkerchief that is under everything, not to mention the owl stickers!!(I think I have to re-kindle my sticker collection) This swap was really successful and I plan on doing more for sure!  I received a 5 and Heart for my rating, which is the highest you can get :) I sent a handmade crocheted purse with handmade brooches that I found. They were so cute I wish I could have kept them!

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great week so far...mine has been usual.

11 Random

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Tuesday everyone! So I've seen this on quit a few blogs and wanted to start one over here. I love anything that has to do with Random and while browsing some of my favorite blogs I saw this on Little Chief Honeybee. She tagged her friends and anyone reading. So I thought why not?

There are five rules:
1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you've tagged them.

My favorite wedding picture of us, Jes is about to take my garter off with her teeth. Which was requested by someone in the crowd....she also had to crawl to me on her knees :P

11. Random Things:
1. I'm Random...and I love to use :) all the time.
2. I'm random probably because I have A.D.D.
3. I have recently found out that my biggest pet peeve is whispering.
4. I have to do things in even you can imagine how hard doing this is.
5. I was on my high school dance team and loved it, I still have my uniform and letter-man jacket.
6. Jes and I got married very early in our relationship, I feel like were still suppose to be planning? I wish I could marry her again :)
7. I love the ocean. This is the farthest I have ever lived from the beach.
8. I hate when people say: "You don't look gay" No I don't look like a stereotypical lesbian. I'm me, I'm super girly and in fact almost all my friends are straight. Who you love doesn't matter to me as long as it's a healthy and happy relationship. That's all that should matter. 
9. I love to go on long road trips :) 
10. I hate technology. It just adds to my paranoia of people not liking hate when I leave comments or messages or tweets or Facebook stuff and the person never responds. I automatically think they hate me. I go into a panic. I know it sounds silly, but I feel like all this social networking is just taking away from "being personal" and real socialization. It's fun, and a great way to promote businesses, but I feel like people are starting to think that just popping over to your Facebook page to say happy birthday is enough, when it's not. Send a card or pick up the phone.
11. I love sparkly things...again this is probably related to my

And here are my 11 questions:
1. Do you believe in astrology? Why or why not?
I do believe in astrology. I follow Chinese astrology and some western astrology. I think it's fun and very accurate when you know your elements.
2. If you could teleport to any time and place, where would you go and why?
September of last was crazy,  but amazing. I know most people would pick a different era or something cool like the 1950's. But I'm okay here in the present :)
3. What are the three closest items to you right now?
My coffee mug, iPhone and purse.
4. If you had a spirit animal, what would it be?
My spiritual animal would be a panther. 
5. What is your earliest childhood memory?
Throwing barbies out of my window into our swimming dad still talks about it.
6. Where do you hope to see yourself in 5 years?
Settled into my career, done with college and owning my house...we rent right now. Oh! And throw a baby or 2 in that mix.
7. Have you kept in touch with your childhood best friend(s)?
I talk to my BFF almost everyday. We have been friends for 22 years and we both somehow managed to be married to Correctional Officers.
8. If you had to describe yourself in 5 words, what would they be?
Silly, Conservatively-liberal (is that word? is it now!), Free-Spirited, Random and fun 
9. Describe your idea of a perfect day: Where would you go, what would you do, who would you do it with?
Getting up early, going out to a small cafe for breakfast. walking along river and doing some light shopping. Having lunch somewhere new. Going to movie and then a quiet dinner at home ending with some snuggling on the couch while watching jeopardy. Just me and's hard to have alone time when you have kids.
10. What kind of "weird" foods do you like? (They could just be weird to your friends/family, kind of like my pickle sickles!)
I like a lot of weird foods, mostly because I'm the only Asian in my circle of friends. I love seaweed and rice and I love to put Sirachi sauce on everything too.
11. Do you collect anything? If so, what? 
I collect magnets, shoes, postcards, little figurines, anything knitted or crocheted, salt & pepper shakers and anything Hello Kitty.

Here are the 11 questions for the girls I tag!
1. What is one of your biggest pet peeves?
2. What is your favorite craft right now?
3. What is your favorite school memory?
4. What is your favorite season?
5. Where is your computer?
6. What is your favorite social network? Why?
7. Make a sentence using : purple, unicorns, George Washington, snowflakes and horse radish.
8. What is the weather like right now?
9. Do you have any pets?
10. Where is your favorite place to visit?
11. What was your most embarrassing moment?

Your tagged! Shakti Dove, Yadira, Paula, Marielle, and Jessa and anyone else who would like to join in!

Have a great day everyone!

Monday Blues

Monday, February 27, 2012

Via: Source
Hey everyone, so it's Monday and I had such a beautiful drive to work today. I even took some pictures to share. Now, because I work a M-F 8-5 job, Mondays are the beginning of my week and sometimes I just want to scream, but today isn't so bad. My commute is only about 15-20 minutes longer than before and the drive is very lovely. I pass a few farms and a beautiful stream that waterfalls into the river. It's like I live in a fairy tale, lol. Well, until I get to my office, but even then it's still pretty nice. I hope you all are having a good Monday and I hope your weekend was better than mine. If you read in my last post you saw that we have been moving and in fact Sunday was the last day of it all! Now it's time to organize and beautify :) Any whooo here are some cute blue pictures and some pictures I took on my drive to work....

This is a picture of the dirt road and the sun rising. It was absolutely breathtaking.
For you crafty mommies out there..isn't this little dress too cute!
Here is the tutorial on how to make it from a pillowcase: Simply Modern Mom

Someones house down the road from I thought it was pretty..

This little Brooch is so cute :) Via : Lovely Mariquita I would love to own one.

Have a Great Monday everyone!

Cupcake Sunday

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'm Back!
Via: Clever Cupcakes
We just got the internet back on and let me tell you how excited I am to be in touch with the rest of the world! Moving up into the mountains has been adventure. We had to use a 20 foot moving truck and we filled it twice, and all by ourselves. Today we both woke up very as if we had been through boot fact this move made basic training look like a piece of cake. I can't wait to have everything unpacked and decorated. I also just want to be back to my regular (crazy) routine. I have a few things coming up in my future posts and one them is about If any of you have been to this site you would know that it can be a lot of fun. The girl I just recently received a thrift store swap from, sent me the cutest package and can't wait to find it (among all my boxes) and share! In the mean time here are some cute cupcakes to drool over...

This is how it feel's outside my house..
The Complete Cupcake

This is what I want it to feel outside...I'm going to have to make these when were unpacked.
Creamy Dreamy Lemonade Cupcakes Betty Crocker
Via: Pretty Foods

I love colorful cupcakes..especially when there is no rhyme or reason to them :) Most of my fun cupcakes end up looking like these....and are much more fun to eat, you don't feel as guilty than when you bite into a really pretty, work of art cupcake.

I have a busy week ahead of me (no surprise) but most of it will be full of putting my house together. I have to go to all my favorite blogs and catch up on everyone's posts too :)
Have a great Sunday!

Some random-ness

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Via : Source
Happy Wednesday everyone! We're half way through the week already and the BIG move happens tomorrow. My entire life is in boxes right now. I feel like that cute bunny in box.
I have no internet at my house right now so you won't hear from me until probably Friday or Saturday, but I have so much planned for future posts and Live.Love.Random will be getting a makeover. I see so many talented bloggers out there that do custom blog layouts that I'm having a hard time picking one! Do any of out there have any suggestions? 
Between All the packing and and going to and from New York I have somehow managed not in a timely manner to keep up with the febphotoaday so here are some of them....

//Something new//Time//Drink//hand writing&something you hate//favorite picture of yourself//
//Where you work//

You would think taking one themed picture a day wouldn't be so challenging, but some days I'm running around thinking "What was the theme? Oh yea! something new!" Of course everyone in the house thinks I'm silly. But anyway, the rest of this week is going to be crazy (I say that a lot don't I) and I'm going to feel so out of the "social network" loop. Thank goodness for my iPhone otherwise moving out to the country would feel like the twilight zone for me. I still can't get over the fact that I no longer have to worry about the halfway house that was across the street, but new worry is'll take bears any day!

Have a great day everyone!

New York

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

So I was able to take a quick break from all the packing and give a quick update. Over the last weekend, my family (wife & kids) and my friend Laura took a trip to Manhattan to meet up with my older brother. It was a so much fun...and really exciting. It's so fast paced, that honestly it almost feels like it was all a dream. I miss my brother, but I'm glad that Jes was finally able to meet him. She got to meet the one person in my family that I am the closest to and it meant a lot to me. Here are some of the pictures of our short but sweet trip.

Our hotel daughter being shy
This chair was in our room...I wanted to steal it!!!

Hello kitty at FAO Shwarz

Jes hailing a cab :)

My brother Kevin, my son Cody and my daughter Justice

Laura and Jes at The W

Hello Kitty that I bought..she's wearing rainbow and holding a cupcake :)

I love candid shots....hahaha!
We had so much fun. My friend Laura watched the kids that night so we could go out and experience the New York night life. It was a lot like the L.A. night life. Everywhere we went the food was awesome, but I have another post for that :)

Have a great day everyone!

Moving Sucks!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Via: Source
I've mentioned it in previous posts that we are moving....and it is not fun! For the next week I will be pretty busy and too busy to post. I have a lot to share, especially my trip to New York City and all the crazy antics that went on there....not to mention how expensive 24hr's in the big apple can be. I hope everyone else is having a great week! If you can't find me here I'll definitely be on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Via the little things we do

1.  The love of my life is   Jesica... or we call her Jes.

2.   Falling in love is    Amazing! I never thought that it actually existed until I saw her for the first time (in were both officers), I don't believe in cliche's but how can you not when you live in one. I believe she is my soul mate and now every silly love story and romantic comedy has a meaning.

3.  Marriage is   awesome, when you find the right person. Raising kids and bills is what makes marriage difficult, but love part is easy.

4. The longest relationship I've ever had was   8 years, which ended in divorce, my ex wife and I thought we were doing the right thing by staying together and trying to work things out, when in fact we were both just miserable and bring out the worst in each other, which was very unhealthy for my kids.

5. The key to a good relationship is   open communication, no matter what.

6. I feel loved when   the house is clean or some does something that they know I would specifically enjoy, or when I receive candy...I love chocolate!

7.  My favorite quote about love is   "No measure of time with you will be long enough, But let's start with forever"-Edward Cullen...(yes we are that cheesy).

I hope everyone has a fabulous day! I will be in New York city all weekend with my family, so we can meet up with my brother.....I'm soooooo excited I can barely contain myself! And this sunday is my 100th post, I don't know why but I'm excited about that too! And it falls on a Cupcake Sunday :) Do you guys have any exciting plans for the holiday weekend?

Cute...But Strange Thursday

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I can't believe this week is almost over! I have a few exciting things happening over the next couple of weeks. First, this weekend we will be in Manhattan...eeeeeep!!! I'm so excited! My older brother Kevin is visiting with his new girlfriend Kimberly and I finally get to meet her, and he finally gets to meet my wife! He wasn't able to fly out for our wedding, which left me heart broken, but now I finally get to see him after 2 years of not seeing each other. We are very close, in fact the I lived with him a few times because I hate being away from him. Were like best friends, but he has to put with my crap, because I'm the little sister :) Next on the agenda is this crazy move! I'll be taking a lot of pictures and before and afters. Our new place needs work, so I have a lot of projects lined up. So today's theme will have more of an inspirational theme for our new home.

This chair is totally strange :)
Manolo for the Home
This is my inspiration for our new house
lot's of color!
I would love to just sit on this couch and take lots of pictures!
I like, whatever that is, on the ceiling. It gives a canopy your in a tent.
So what is your inspiration for decorating and designing? I'd love to know!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

For the next week and a half we will be moving (yay!) I love moving to new places...I hate the actual labor part of it. We currently live in a townhouse like apartment that has 3 levels, so it's really going to suck moving things up and down stairs. The new house is one level and I'm so excited about that! I honestly never want to live in a multi level place for a long time, if not ever again. The house is up in the mountains off a dirt road with almost no neighbors. There's also 3 farms surrounding us. The house has obnoxious orange carpet (that I love) and the most awesome carpentry, like what you see in the above picture (the previous owner made that). I can't wait to paint and's going to be amazing. Sorry this post came so late, I normally have these done ahead of time. And just for the heck of it I'll throw in some Instagram from the week...

my nails :)
Flowers I bought for Justice
Some Thrift store finds
in my closet...for Febphotoaday

V-day...and I won a giveaway!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So I know there's a lot of people who hate Valentine's day , but this day has a very special meaning to me. My daughter was born today, back in 2002. Which makes her the big 10 today! Double digits!
You can read more about her birth on my guest post over at From The Guest Room.


She has changed my life and so many ways. Everyone calls her my mini me. In some ways I love it...but in some ways I'm sacred! Every Valentines day, since she was born, has been all about her :)
I didn't plan on having her on Valentine's day, in fact she was 2 weeks early! So far this Valentine's we have baked, I made a heart shape cake for her and cookies. She has been showered with gifts and tonight were going out to her favorite restaurant, which is Chili's, and she will probably get Mac & Cheese. That is her favorite. I also plan on embarrassing her and telling them it's her birthday, so that we all get to sing to her. I hope everyone has a wonderful day today. Try not to hate today too much, it's here to make us stop and appreciate each other just a little more. and if you know someone who will be alone or single tonight, give them a call and tell them you care...or even be a shoulder to cry on.

Anyway enough with that! I wanted to mention a lovely lady name Rachelle over at The Nearsighted Owl. She Just recently she had a lovely giveaway, and I won! I won an awesome self portrait by her...

Eeka by Rachele

I love her drawings and who wouldn't want to be a cartoon?! I know I would, my mind is a constant silly cartoon show going on in there. I hope you all stop by her blog and say hi, she always has some sort of cuteness going on :)

Happy V-Day!
and go love someone today :)