Random Tuesday


I currently draw on my fingers when I'm bored..lol

Hey! It's Tuesday and today I will be doing some random Current questions. I hope everyone is having a great week so far. If you would like to do a Current post you can find them here at : the in between is mine.  I'm so busy all the time, that anything I label current..is so 5 minutes ago! Enjoy!

Current Book(s): Family in transition...it's for school

Current Playlist: A mix of everything, right now on stuck on hip hop

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: birthday cake...not just any but dirt cake themed covered n oreos and gummi worms!

Current Color: Purple...it keeps showing up everywhere!

Current Drink: Water....it's always water...unless your from Jersey then it's wudder

Current Food: Cheese and crackers

Current Favorite Show: The Big Bang theory
via Comic Book Daily

Current Wishlist: DSLR Camera, maybe a canon rebel

Current Needs: My tax return!

Current Bane(s) of my Existence: trying to diet and exercise 
during the winter!

Current Celebrity (Girl) Crush: lol...I have so many! 

Current Outfit: V-neck Hot-pink top that has a large Heart on 
it with plaid black & gray pj pants (I filled this out last night in my pj's)

Current Excitement: My wife's Birthday weekend is this weekend!!!!

Current Link: A Gypsy's Journal she just posted a cute DIY that I want to try :) and Rawr Creatures , these ladies are awesome, check them out :)

*  *  *
What have you been doing CURRENTLY?


  1. Nice post! And nice blog:)

    Oh, I love the Big Bang Theory. Probably seen every episode at least 6 times, but it just never gets old.

    1. Thank you! I'm obsessed with that show :D I love Sheldon <3

  2. Great post, I love what you're currently liking/up too. Cheese and crackers my fav too, the Big Bang Theory is fabulous, the color purple is my new favorite too ;)

    1. thanks Sandi! I normally wear a lot pinks or grey but lately I've added some purple to my closet :)


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