Outfit Diary

In love with Argyle
totally random...I never wear Argyle..

Sweet Little Details
Flower Hair Pin/Brooch - Icing
Grey Winter Coat - Not sure (Iv'e had this for 6 years)
White Thermal - Walmart
Argyle Vest - My Wife's side of the closet...lol
Denim Skirt - Thrifted
Butterfly Necklace - Icing
Bead Bracelets - Icing
Hello Kitty Bracelet -Gift
Wedges - Thirfted
No Show Bow-tie socks - Chinese Laundry

Butterflies are a symbols of re-birth, long life or soul carriers.

 That car wasn't there when we started! lol Good spot for my coat :)

So this outfit is totally random and not what I usually wear at all! I needed to wear something red and noticed that I have nothing red on my side of the closet, but my wife did on her side! She wears a lot of guy clothes, so it's hard for me to steal her clothes unless it's to sleep in, but she has a cute collection of sweater vests! So I threw this together and it didn't look half bad :) So I grabbed the camera (& my wife) and took pictures. I thought hey, how often are you going to catch me in a sweater vest?!


  1. You look STUNNING! Especially in the first pic. I love the way your red tips contrast with your coat. Anyways, isn't argyle great? It's like plaid all dressed up.

  2. Thank you so MUCH!!! I was getting a little nervous because I was getting a ton of views but no comments! I think I might have to incorporate some Argyle into my side of the closet ;D

  3. Love the hair!



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