Mommy daughter time...

So with the craziness of the holidays and all the traveling we have been doing, I thought today would be a good Mommy/Daughter we put on our Sunday best (in this case Wednesday) and attempted a make believe tea party. We even shot a movie! My daughter took most of these shots...and Jes took some too. We broke a few tea daughter was lucky to inherit my clumsiness. So that's what we decided our movie was going to be about...the mystyrious broken tea cups! They are china tea cups and super adorable, it's a shame some of them broke, they have actually survived 4 years and a cross country move.

The huge paper you see in the background was what she wrote our script on.

Cheers Madame :)

                                                                    Working hard on her script

Pretty Polka dots

And take a bow :)  

She's wearing my fancy fluffy scarf. The tea party was a success and now we are just going to relax and enjoy the day inside...the snow is coming down like crazy out there. 

Here is an out take from our little movie!


  1. this looks like a lovely afternoon!! I love make believe tea parties and this one looks like fun! and movie making.. how awesome! hope you had a great christmas weekend :)

  2. It was a lot of fun...and we had a great Christmas! Thanks for asking...we spent it in New Jersey and it was wonderful being around family :)

  3. Awww so cute! I had a mother daughter day too today! (with my mom tho hehe no kiddies for me :P) but she finally began teaching my to crochet, I'm so excited for it - mother daughter time is the best :)

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for following, I really appreciate it <3

  4. Ok.
    I've always wanted to have boys but I want a daughter now!


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