All my hard work is done! I survived finals and now I can sit back and relax during winter vacation until next semester. After I finished my paper today we decided to put up our tree and decorate. It went really well and the kids did most of it. After taking pictures with my iPhone I realized that I really need a real camera. I have a cute little pink Nikon, but I think I would really like one more on the professional side. I've taken plenty of photography classes to know what I need and you would think I would have something better. I might have to get myself a late birthday present during tax season (teehee). Anyway, I'm glad I can relax now and not worry all week about homework...time to enjoy the holidays!


  1. Yes! Win with the hello kitty ornament! I know how you feel about getting a better camera. I'm in the process of finding a new one as well. All the professional ones though will leave my pockets empty....haha

  2. Thanks Michelle! I love Hello Kitty...ever since I was about 5 years old, I still have my old Hello Kitty pillow case too! I'm still shopping around for a good camera...hope I find good deal soon!


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