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Thursday, June 30, 2011

"We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain and renunciation. It's one thing to feel that you are on the right path, but it's another to think that yours is the only path." (Paulo Coelho)

In the light of New York legalizing gays to marry and Rhode Island allowing civil unions I thought that quote would be appropriate. I was just in a very heated discussion on Facebook with a guy that went to my high school who could not understand why gay people want equal rights, he also stated : " if marriage is NOT merely between a man/woman, but can be man/man or woman/woman, like it always has been, is a man/bird or woman/cat or man/daughter marriage allowed?"

From that statement he had everyone heated. Since I am a mother of two amazing kids and animal lover,I found his comment completely appalling and insulting.Incest...REALLY?! Genetically we can't reproduce with our own family members...and it's gross. everyone pretty much attacked this guy because he couldn't come back with anything that made sense or wasn't based on his beliefs. It just really saddens me when things like this come up and reminds me of how safe we are in Vermont. Will we come across a lot of people like this when we move? Or will we be able to educate them on the subject?

My Crazy Monkey Sign

Monkeys can run circles around other people with ease. They are curious and clever people who catch on quickly to most anything. Monkey people generally can accomplish any given task. They appreciate difficult or challenging work as it stimulates them and makes them think.

~They got that right! (Me...giving my opinion :)

Monkeys are fun-loving people who really enjoy a good time with friends, family or anyone else for that matter. They love practical jokes and like to play tricks on colleagues and friends alike. Monkeys tend to stir up trouble simply out of boredom, which can end up being more hurtful than they intended. Often, when this causes trouble, they expect others to understand it was all a joke and to deal with the consequences on their own.
Monkeys are curious creatures as well. Some people call them nosy. Others call them interested. The Chinese say they are just downright curious. Although gifted with a strong intellect, creativity and intuition are nor their fortes. They can’t put themselves in your shoes even if they try and will become easily distracted or confused.

Persuasive and passionate, this Monkey is a warm person. He is successful due to his innate determination and ambitious nature. He works hard to climb the ladder of success and prefers to work alone. They are loyal employees, always prepared and tactful with answers and upper management. In love these Monkeys are just as loyal as well as loving and affectionate.

~I can't believe how accurate the Chinese astrology is....at least for me :)

Most Monkeys enjoy the activity offered by the city life rather than the quiet and tranquility offered in a more rural lifestyle. They crave being in the middle of things, enjoying life from a spectator’s view. They also enjoy people-watching and can amuse themselves for hours at a time by just watching the people walk by. They need a view, and their homes are usually filled with windows and picturesque drawings

A Monkey’s good memory and his ability to adapt are two of his most prized possessions. He is intelligent and stoic, able to pick new trades up quickly and easily. Monkeys are also able to do all the work in half the time it takes someone else, but will charge you double what someone else would charge. As such, Monkeys generally take occupations in the world of finance, such as banking, stock exchange or accounting.

Monkeys are just as good as spending money as they are at making it. They can’t really save it because it burns a hole in their pockets. Occasionally though, Monkeys should put a little away today for an emergency tomorrow.....who me?? lol

Following are similar likes and dislikes of the Monkey personality.

Color Preference: Yellow and Gold

Gems and Stones: Quartz Crystal, Aquamarine, Topaz, Agate

Suitable Gifts: Books, pens, mobile phone, a makeover, joke book, crossword puzzles

Hobbies and Pastimes: Playing an instrument, working a puzzle, karaoke, mind teasers

Monkeys Dislike: Being told to be quiet, not being the most popular, people who don’t like their jokes

Monkey people love taking so much that they need to be surrounded by people constantly. For vacations they are drawn to the hot spots, nightclubs, bars and big city lights. A Monkey’s luck may encourage him to try his hand somewhere like Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

Monkeys are sociable and lovable and make good friends. As they desire attention, they generally have a grand following of friends and acquaintances. No other animal finds communication and talking with others quite as easy as the Monkey does. As friends they will make you laugh when you want to cry. People want their Monkey friends around them because of their wit, sensitivity and effervescence.
Compatible Friends
Best Friends: Dragons and Rats
Mortal Enemy: Tigers

Monkey parents can be more like big brothers and sisters than actual parents. They retain their child-like qualities and therefore find it easier to relate to their children than other people might. Monkey parents don’t experience the generation gap other families might, partly because they remember what it is like to be a child. However, becoming a parent can cramp a Monkey’s style. They are not ones to stay inside, helping with homework on a Friday night. They would prefer to be out and about, and sometimes take their children with them if it’s appropriate.

This Monkey is generally more resolute and motivated than other Monkeys. He is a diligent employee who applies his talents to make his work easier.

Monkeys, of all the other signs, are the most promiscuous. They are flirtatious and like to seek the attention of others to get what they want. They are easily bored and must be stimulated intellectually as well as physically in order to stay around for extended periods of time. The Monkey can be clever, mischievous and manipulative when pursuing a love interest.

Monkeys are intense, sensual lovers. They can tease or charm anyone in a matter of seconds. They enjoy entertaining their lovers with their senses of humor and their ability to captivate a crowd. When the Monkey decides on a mate, it is likely to be forever.

Let's walk...

Ice cream cone and people watching :)
Days like this will make me miss Vermont when we move....running into Ex's I will not miss.


Monday, June 27, 2011

So we have been sucked into the coupon cult. Jes and I are now addicted to clipping coupons and it's actually pretty fun, and keeps us focus on something. My wife and I, and both kids all have A.D.D. and it's nice to have a project that can keep us busy. We clip, have shopping lists and 3 different ads we look through, plus all the coupons we get online. We make it fun :) Though Cody would rather watch T.V.....lol

My Big Gay Asian Wedding!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

On June 4th 2011 We got hitched :) The wedding was absolutely beautiful and I couldn't be happier. The Asian theme came out beautifully. For favors we had Double Happiness chrome wine toppers and Chinese take out boxes filled with M&M's that had our theme colors, faces and names on them. Our colors were red, white and black.I do have to admit that I wasn't very happy with my makeup. My makeup artist went a little over board and my hair stylist was too rushed. Yet overall I was completely happy. If it wasn't for my mother-in-law I don't know how we could have pulled it off considering we live 2 states away! I love you Sherri! I think for a same-sex wedding we did pretty well. We live in Vermont where gay marriage is legal, but had our wedding on the Jersey Shore with all of Jes's family and friends. My brother Scott flew in from Germany and we had a few of our closest friends from Vermont there. I wore red in my dress to go with the Asian theme (I'm half Asian so I thought it fit) and we had a Buddhist inspired ceremony that was beautiful. (My wife and I are both Buddhist) Our wedding was at Latitudes on the River in Forked River, NJ on the Jersey shore and I would recommend it for anyone!

Top row:  Me&Jes - Omar & Stephanie (bridal party) - Kevin, Kaylah, Justice, Jes, Me, Cody, & My new in-laws
Middle row:  kissy kiss - Streeter & Cheli (bridal party)
Bottom Row: Jes's Brother & Best Man Kevin & his fiance Kaylah - My son - My daughter & Flower girl Amara