Ravenclaw Rose

Sunday, March 24, 2019

I need to do some major catch up! I haven't posted here since my birthday, and man have I been up to a lot! Since my last post I have moved yet again. I will do a house tour soon, I promise, I just have been crazy busy. I have also changed careers again too. So much change! Yet in the midst of all this change I try to have some fun, so this post happened. I dressed up as Rose Tico as a Hogwarts student. I am a huge Star Wars fan (like you didn't know) but I am also a huge Harry Potter fan too. From the countless quizzes I have taken, they have all told me that I am a Ravenclaw. I also think that Rose would be a Ravenclaw too. I like to wonder where the sorting hat would send other Star Wars characters? I know Kylo Ren would totally be a Slytherin. I also see Chewie being a Hufflepuff.

Hopefully I can find some time between now and mid April to do a few more posts about our new place and my new career change. I have gone through so much change in the last two months that I am surprised I have not gone crazy! My next adventure is going to be Star Wars Celebration in Chicago and I can't wait to tell you all about it! If you see me there make sure to say hi!

"Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure."-Ravenclaw Motto 

My Snowy Birthday

Thursday, January 3, 2019

I love balloons, and my lovely fiance bought me some for my birthday! I know a lot of bloggers who do balloon posts for their birthday and  I don't want to seem super cliche, but I had to share these. What makes them even more special is that she got me a Mickey balloon and I just so happened to be wearing my Mickey shirt! It's like she is in my brain. Ha! Also I'm not sure if you have noticed but all my birthday posts in Vermont include snow. It's just something you learn to live with when you are a winter baby. Cold weather with or without snow!

Speaking of babies, I found this picture from my 10th birthday. I think we might have gone to Disneyland at some point because that was my favorite Minnie Mouse shirt that we bought from there. As you can tell I haven't changed much. I miss that California tan though!

Believe it or not, it's not cold outside, at least to me. The snow is beautiful and fluffy. I can still remember my first Vermont birthday when there was 17 inches on the ground and we still ended up going out to Burlington and going to a bar. I can't believe that was 10 years ago already! As you can see in the pictures we got a few inches, and it's really pretty!

I hope everyone's New Year has started off well. I know mine did! We rang in the New Year with close friends, staying in and playing video games, and eating yummy food. What could be better than that?

And if anyone is wondering I turn 38 today. Time to start my 40 before 40 list! I only have 2 years left now. Time really flies!


Goodbye 2018 It's Been Swell

Monday, December 31, 2018

What a bittersweet year 2018 has been. I mostly looked like Stitch here when I wasn't smiling for a camera. I lost my job, but then found an even better one. We lost a great friend/squad member, but continued to grow some amazing friendships. My dog passed away, but Mary's dog has adopted me and always makes sure I'm okay. Mary's brother passed away, and Mary and her family are still mourning his genuine life. I trooped a lot, made people laugh and smile, and I was brave. I smiled through a lot of tears, and have been spending a lot of time healing from past trauma.
I'm really hoping that 2019 will be a little more gentle.

I used Snapchat a lot, and Instagram story. I love filters and the cat ears are my favorite! I'm still on Facebook, but it's hard to keep up with people especially because of the dumb algorithm. I even jump on my old Tumblr from time to time and Twitter always seems to be a good old faithful place to see what’s happening in the world. All other new social media platforms seem to come and go. 

Anyway, here are some of my favorite pictures from this year. I have so many that I love that it was hard to not post 100 pictures on this post! So I tried to narrow it down. Some are professional, most are just cell phone pics. I'm more into making memories these days then trying to be a super model. 

My 37th Birthday dinner.
Dinner after celebrating the life of Mike King. This crazy bunch misses you so much Mike. Jonah selfie.
My son turned 18 and my daughter turned 16 in 2018. They are my world.
Kylo ren and Rose at a baseball game. Photo Courtesy of Hayes.
Even the bad droids can be good when you reprogram them.
Boston Comic Con-Colleen as Wicket and Jen as Rey.
Fireworks after the Lakemonster's game in Burlington, VT. I think Hayes took this one too.
Does this really need a caption? The bottom two poses were on accident. The top was on purpose. LOL
Ashley and Hayes got hitched. Photo cred to Catching Fireflies Photography.
Me and my favorite Wookie. Via: Benn Robbins Studios

Herbert made a little friend.
At a bar somewhere in Maine for Ashley's Bachelorette weekend. she danced on stage that night.
Via: Katie F's Phone
Halloween at The Eco Leahy Center
NEG Garrison's Crazy Asians, I think Benn took this with his phone. LOL
Bring your Porg to work day. AKA Halloween.
Via Katie's Phone again. *wink* Halloween night when we scared the shit out of people on Chruch Street.
Ashley and I from our road trip to Buffalo, NY.
Instagram Selfie
Snapchat Selfie
My daughter took this one while we were shopping!

Forgive me if I don't give you proper photo cred. Just shoot me an email and I will add you.
Let's see what 2019 has to offer.

Happy New Year!